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Mermaid Tales 1

In September 2020 we started filming for our series 'Mermaid Tales'. The series is based on me, the sea and my home- Uig.
It is by far the biggest project I've ever worked on, and I am immensely invested in its' success.
It's been interesting following the programme from conception, production and post production. This meant I was working closely with the director, cameraman and the production assistant. I'd frequently suggest shots or sequences, often from an editor's perspective.

The production included planning and conducting interviews with multiple individuals, working with covid-19 restrictions and health & safety measures, operating camera and audio equipment and presenting. Presenting is not something I have much experience in, other than my short BBC Social videos, so it was challenging being on screen continuously.

My dronework was also part of production, which meant hours of planning, organising and researching in order to ensure I was working in accordance with any rules and regulations relating to the day's filming.

I knew that they would be worried about there being a conflict of interests if I were to edit myself as i may be biased or choosing shots based on what I look lilke etc. However, I explained how many years of editing my own videos for BBC The Social as well as my own social media has made me somewhat immune to seeing myself on screen. I also truly believed that I could do the series justice, and convey my passion through the editing of the programmes. As well as this, the fact that I was so familiar with the plans, places, stories and shots would be a huge benefit in the edit.
Fortunately, management agreed to give me a chance and let me edit the series.

The series aired in March/April 2021.
The response was absolutely incredible. Publicity for the series was overwhelming, from interviews with BBC Breakfast to Reporting Scotland, speaking on numerous radio shows and worldwide news exposure- even as far as Russia!

Then we started filming for series 2 and the Christmas special...

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