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Throughout my editing career, I have worked on a variety of projects- from docu-series to dramas to short promotional videos.

Some of my credits include:
An Lot
EBU Lena- the Young Crofter
Dad Sam Bith
Trusadh x15
Abair Trusadh
Peat and Diesel: That's the Way We Do It!
Peat and Diesel: Trying to Find a Way to Make a Living

Mermaid Tales

International Co-productions
Rain Stories
Secrets in the Peat
Columba - The Bold Saint
The Far Traveller

In 2020, I had the opportunity of presenting & editing a series based around my life by the ocean, our islands and the underwater world. With the addition of being underwater co-director, it was a big task but it was an excellent experience. The series was a huge success throughout the UK and we went on to create another series as well as a Christmas special. News companies and other tv businesses became interested and I have since worked with large organisations such as Bakkafrost and Al Jazeera.


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